Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new site. We promise to give you a play by play through our blog as we grow and expand our cheesy empire here in good old Cincinnati. Make sure you sign up for our Newsletter so you can be one of the first Grill-lilas to know about our latest rants,  from pointers of starting a business from a tent, to our one-of-a-kind special offers that will come only to those who have signed up for this newsletter.  Thanks for reading and remember always to Eat What’s Fun!

10 Responses to Welcome to the new site!

  1. Michael Smaby says:

    How about going to Cheese heaven. Wisconsin.

  2. Barbara Drake says:

    Awaiting to be wowed both in my tummy as well as wallet. Looking for Hunterton CTY, NJ franchise details. Can’t wait. Barbara

  3. JB says:

    CT would LOVE this concept. Wish I had the dough to buy a franchise. My mouth is watering at the concept of a donut grilled cheese and great home made tomato soup? What could be better than that!

    Saw the “Shark Tank” episode and think that Barb made a smart deal. Best of luck to all of you!! Let me know when someone with the money opens up a franchise in CT! I think you should be in Foxwoods casino or Mohegan Sun. This would be great in their food court or as a stand alone restaurant with seating. LOVE it! I am not easily impressed but had to write to you about this concept for a restaurant. So tired of the same old same old around here. HuRRY UP and get here already!! YUMMM!

  4. Mike says:

    Any plans to come to Phoenix Az?

  5. Brandon says:

    Waiting for your store to open in jersey! About when will the store open?

  6. Barb Cooper says:

    Love reading about your success…and proud to know we played a teeny tiny part in it.
    Barb Cooper
    Daisy Mae’s Market

  7. Michele Horning says:

    We can’t wait to try the donut grill cheese. We saw on TV there is going to be one in Maumee, Ohio. Can’t wait. And that you restaurants do Great.

  8. kelly strange says:

    Yummy :)

  9. Marty hart says:

    I would like to know when your business makes it’s way to NJ.



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