Fancy Grilled Cheese Donuts


These guys are what put us on the map! A little invention we created: our World Famous Grilled Cheese Donuts! An inside-out donut placed on the grill with your choice of cheese, warmed to perfection with lots of great complementary and contrasting toppings. We call it fancy but you don’t need an eye piece to enjoy these guys. All TOM+CHEE's have these delicious grilled cheese donut desserts, PLUS a few creations made just for the neighborhood.

The Classic GCD

This awesome little guy won over Barbara Corcoran one of the big fins on ABC’s Shark Tank! Made from a Donut grilled golden brown with Cheddar Cheese (you can pick another cheese if you want, sometimes folks go with American). Follow the link & see the guys fishing for the deal of their lives!


No Campfire needed with this American Classic. We make the S'more into our own by adding some TOM+CHEE tweaks. Grilled Donut with graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow mascarpone ending in you guessed it chocolate and graham cracker. Come try this fan favorite!!


This baby has fresh sliced banana and peanut mascarpone on a grilled donut! The King was inspired by Elvis's love for peanut butter and banana sandwiches. We like to think if he was still around he would be a regular at TOM+CHEE. Each King is made to the crew singing a "Hunka Hunka Burning Love".

Choco Bacon Bliss

Have your first experience of enlightenment here. Bacon and Hershey Chocolate pieces. Hershey Chocolate pieces and Bacon. Okay, are you drooling yet? Now take all that add Chocolate Mascarpone warmed to perfection on, that's right you guess it, a golden grilled donut! We unveiled this creation at the opening of our Newport, KY location, check it out!

Strawberry Lemonade

Fresh Strawberries, Lemon Mascarpone, Mozzarella and a tasty grilled Donut make the Strawberry Lemonade that splash of Summer you've been missing, no matter what the season. Yum+Awesome!