Dear Friends and Family,

My kids would tell you COVID-19 has nothing on their overprotective dad.

You see, I’ve been accused of being an overprotective dad. There were times I took offense to that title. But from where I sit today, I wear that title with pride and passion.

I am overprotective of my family. And family is not just limited to my blood relatives – it includes our restaurant guests, employees and my restaurant owners. I am overprotective of them all and proud of it.

I want you to know firsthand that we are doing everything we can to overprotect all of you in the midst of this unprecedented pandemic. In January this year, when the CDC and Department of Health put out guidelines for COVID-19 preventative measures, we mandated those across all our restaurants. So, for three months now, we’ve had in place those stringent and effective health and safety measures. And we’ve added a few extra measures of our own.

Here’s the net: this overprotective dad is willing to do whatever is right for the people in our community. We will continue to keep our standards above and beyond protocol, as well as consider additional solutions on our own that keep this community safe, healthy and well fed.

A cornerstone of the CDC’s mitigation strategy is social distancing. It’s smart, proven to work and we are 100% committed to doing our part to aid our community’s good health.

So...effective Sunday, March 15, we have closed the dining rooms at our Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kennesaw & Oklahoma City locations and moved to CARRY OUT & DELIVERY SERVICE (via DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc.) ONLY. We’re grateful to be able to feed our community throughout this time.

If you made it this far into my message to you, well thank you. Let’s meet up for lunch when this whole thing is over. As crazy and surreal as all of this is, this too shall pass. Remember that! And remember that taking care of each other is what’s most important.

Together, COVID-19 has nothing on all of us.

Much love,


Roger David
Over-Protective Dad
CEO, Tom & Chee